artisan breads of Manhattan takes its inspiration from New York’s rich cultural diversity. We combine historic flavors and nutritional wisdom to meet the needs of modern sophisticated consumers. Fresh from the ovens each morning, our hearty loaves find their origins in the best time-honored baking traditions from around the world. Our bakers draw upon techniques honed over generations, recipes passed down over the years and a pride that comes with creating breads of the highest quality.

Selections: Gluten-Free Seed Loaf Multi-Grain



Back in the day, every neighborhood in New York had its own small bakery with steamed-up windows and the enticing smell of fresh-baked bread wafting from the doors. Times have certainly changed but there’s no denying today’s consumers still yearn for those delicious aromas and flavors. The spirit of the quaint neighborhood bakery lives on at Brooklyn Bake Shop. Just like those days of old, our bakers rise early to craft tasty baked goods for you and your family. We take pride in introducing new generations to the simple pleasures of biting into a fresh, soft slice of bread or tearing into a wonderfully light and fluffy country roll. 

Selections: Wholemeal Pullman Bread Country Roll



At the turn of the 20th century, millions of immigrants landed at Ellis Island on their way to starting a new life in bustling New York. Longing for a taste of home, communities of these hard-working immigrants baked the breads they knew so well. Today, the bakers at SoHoDough take pride in baking those deliciously rich breads according to traditional recipes. Our fresh Herb Focaccia, classic Ciabatta bread and soft Pretzels are all as satisfying today as they were in yesteryear.

Selections: Herb Focaccia