Cream Cheeses

Our cream cheeses are handmade using only the best ingredients and come in an unmatched variety of flavors. It all starts with dairy fresh cream and milk. We’ve crafted our cream cheeses especially as the perfect accompaniment to our oven-fresh bagels, but they are also great to spread on toast, on your favorite sandwich or even as a dip with crackers or your favorite veggies. NYC Bagel Factory cream cheeses are chock-full of great ingredients – crunchy cucumber and aromatic dill in our Cucumber, Dill & Onion Cream Cheese and chunks of tangy sundried tomatoes in our Sundried Tomato Cream Cheese.

We challenge you to find a more spreadable, tastier cream cheese!

Available flavors: Plain • Herb Chive • Cucumber, Dill & Onion • Smoked Salmon • Blueberry • Sundried Tomato